Megan Lee-Gahan Builds Houses in Africa with Niall Mellon Township Trust

kids_in_africa, Megan Lee-GahanWhen she’s not buildings houses in Africa, Megan Lee-Gahan  is a Project Manager at LAUNCH!

In the autumn of 2012, Megan Lee Gahan and her husband took a trip Wallacedene, South Africa to work as part of an Irish humanitarian effort called the Niall Mellon Township Trust.  Mr. Mellon, who is Irish, comes from a wealthy family in Ballyroan, County Dublin.   After finishing school Niall joined his father’s personalised investment brokerage. At age 24, he set up his own mortgage company, and subsequently grew his property and financial services.  In 2002 he set up the trust fund to begin helping African villagers.

Megan Raised Money in Canada for Africa

After raising $13,000 dollars for the charity work here in Canada, Megan, along with her husband flew to the Dark Continent to join five hundred and ninety other volunteers. The army of generous builders came from all over the world and laboured for seven days straight to erect 160 houses. Megan’s team alone built twelve houses in the village!

building houses in Africa with Niall Mellon charity workers 2012The remainder of her time in South Africa was occupied traveling and dispensing small Canada flags. Megan writes ” I got the flags from my local MP office and we received about 500 mini flag pins, 100 small flags and one large one.” She adds in conclusion, ” It was an experience of a lifetime and we are doing it all over again in 2013 in Kenya, but this time we will be building schools!”

Good Luck Megan, in all your journeys helping Africans, you inspire Canadians.

Post by on Mar 14, 2013